Morning Service: Sunday 10:45am.
Evening Service: Sunday 6:30pm.
Oasis Toddler Group: Tuesday 9:45-11:30am.
JAM Children’s Club: Tuesday 6-7:30pm.
Ladies Bible Study: Tuesday 6-8pm.
Morning Prayer Meeting: Wednesday 11:45am at Howard and Gail’s Home
Evening Prayer Meeting: Wednesday 7pm.
Prayer Diary
Saturday 9th: Pray that God would increase our diversity in our church and bring people from all over to hear the Gospel. – Colosians 1:8
Sunday 10th: Pray that God would meet with us in a fresh way and that we would build each other up in the love of Christ. – 2 Peter 1:7
Monday 11th: Pray that God would open up more opportunites for us to work with the community- 1 John 4:19
Tuesday 12th: Pray that God’s presence would be known in Oasis and that parents will come to know God. – Jude 1:2
Wednesday 13th: Pray that God would raise up the five-fold ministries in our church. – Proverbs 21:17
Thursday 14th: Pray that God would stir up love in marriages that they would show Christ and the church, and that God would give us opportunities to share with our friends and families. – Romans 13:8
Friday 15th: Pray for the Women’s minstires that discipleship would grow and women would come to know Jesus. – 1 John 4:21
Saturday 16th: Pray that the Holy Spirit would prepare us for his word on Sunday, and bless our Pastor as he prepares. – 1 John 5:2
Sunday 17th: Pray that God would pour out his Spirit on us and increase our awe of him and his gift of Jesus Christ. – John 14:21